AS Level Biology

<b>Course Overview</b> <br /><br /> A Level Biology (AS) <br /> Exam Board: Edexcel <br /> Specification: 8BI01

Course overview

AS Level Biology Fully tutor supported We can enter you for the exam
Exams: summer and winter Course start anytime Exams can be taken at sea
Is this course for you?
  • it's specifically designed in a format that allows you to study at your own pace, in your own time
  • it's seafarer-friendly, so can be studied anywhere - ashore or at sea
  • are aiming to gain a new A Level qualification, or a higher grade at a resit exam

You will need GCSE Science (Double Certificate) or GCSE Biology - minimum Grade C; or Intermediate GNVQ Science; or a BTEC First in Science for this course.

Your expectations
  • you'll be assigned a personal tutor who is a qualified teacher and available by telephone and email 
  • we'll handle any administrative queries you may have and look after the exam registration for you
Recommended hours of study
You can work through the modules and assignments at your own speed, as quickly or as slowly as you wish. You should allow about 120-150 hours of study time and extra time for completing assignments. To help you organise your studies we'll provide you with a learning plan which most people find helpful
Content of the course
 The course follows the context-led topic approach of the specification. Students begin by considering the topics in real life situations and then move on to consider the different aspects of the underlying biological concepts.
Unit 1: Lifestyle, Transport, Genes and Health Unit 2: Development, Plants and the Environment
Topic 1: Lifestyle, Health and Risk

Sections include:
  • What is cardiovascular disease?
  • Who is at risk of cardiovascular disease?
  • Risk fctors for cardiovascular disease
  • Reducing the risks for cardiovascular disease
Topic 3: Voice of the Genome

Sections include:
  • In the beginning
  • From one to many: the cell cycle
  • How development is controlled
  • Genes and environment
Topic 2: Genes and Health

Sections include:
  • The effects of Cystic Fibrosis (CF) on the lungs
  • Why is CF mucus so sticky?
  • How does cystic fibrosis affect other body systems?
  • How is the CFTR protein made?
  • What goes wrong with DNA?
  • How is CF inherited?
  • How is CF treated?
  • Testing for CF

Topic 4: Biodiversity and natural resources

Sections include:

  • Why are there so many different species?
  • How did organisms become so well adapted?
  • Quantifying biodiversity
  • Making use of biodiversity
  • On the brink

  Unit 3: Practical Biology and Research Skills
  To demonstrate their practical skills students complete:
  • a practical experiement based on the course content and core practicals in Unuts 1 and 2.
  • a written report of 1500-2000 words about either a visit to the site of biological interest or research an issue.
Core Practicals
Students will carry out nine core practical experiments as they work through the sections of the course. The core practicals will prepare students for the practical-related questions in the written examination papers and for the practical work in Unit 3.
Additional Materials
You will also need the following textbook:

Salters Nuffield Advanced Biology for Edexcel AS Biology, Student Book,
Authors: Universiity of York Science Education Group, Curriculum Centre Nuffield, Paperback, Edexcel (Pearson Education/Heinemann), May 2008, ISBN13
The Marine Society can happily provide this and other books at a competitive price.
Examination entry
We can enter you for the exam when the time comes.
The cost of entering the exam is not included in the basic plan. However, if you are intending to sit the exam (and most people are), you'll find it cheaper to purchase the premium plan because this includes the cost of the exam entry.
The AS assessment consists of two written examinations and coursework as follows:
  • AS Unit 1 (6BI01): Lifestyle, Transport, Genes and Health 
    1 hour and 15 minutes written examination - 80 marks. 40% of AS marks 
  • AS Unit 2 (6BI02):  Development, Plants and the Environment 
    1 hour and 15 minutes written examination - 80 marks. 40% of AS marks
  • AS Unit 3 (6BI03):  Practical Biology and Research Skills
    Coursework - 40 marks. 20% of AS marks.

    You can obtain grades A*- E
Please check your specification as deails may be subject to change by the awarding body.
We exist to serve seafarers. Included are all who make their living from going to sea in whatever capacity with the Royal Navy or British Merchant Navy. Enrolment is also open to Sea Cadets and supporters.

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