Unplanned Passage

The autobiography and illustrations of a London Marine Pilot.

Author: Russell, Peter
ISBN: 9781780030586

The autobiography and illustrations of a London Marine Pilot.

The life story of a Master Mariner's fifty years at sea, his apprenticeship, his years in the RFA and 32 years as a Cinque Ports Trinity House and PLA London District Pilot. Start in World War II te story is one of challenge, achievement and responsibility. The story is of ships large and small and of the characters who serve in them. It is about pilotage in all kinds of weather, inherent risk and reorganisation. The author in retirement maintainshis maritime connections as a Younger Brother of Trinity House London, as a member of the Honorourable Company of Master Mariners and a Life Governor of the Marine Society and Sea Cadets. President of the Nautical Institute 1998-2000, he remains acti9ve on a number of committees serving to date.

'I would like a wide audience to share the experience of 'Unplanned Passage'. There are so many lessons to pass on. The characters in a novel are imagined and do not have to be believed. Here, however, we hae a real person, a family man, a mariner who reched the top of his profession, a charitable Rotarian who believed in enriching the local community and a creative artist. This is also the story of how rewarding life at sea can be.'

Julian Parker, OBE, FNI

Publication date: 20 Apr 2011